Welcome to OnCourse Learning

Our California License real estate community is now a part of OnCourse Learning Real Estate.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate empowers real estate, appraisal and home inspection professionals to accelerate their career with online training and continuing education. Our foundation is rooted in the legacy of our leading professional education brands – ProSchools, Career Webschool and California License – that have supported and nurtured real estate careers for decades.

Who is OnCourse Learning?

OnCourse Learning is the leading provider of regulated licensure education, professional development and compliance solutions in the financial services and real estate industries. OnCourse Learning takes e-learning to the next level with personalized learning experiences and by delivering engaging educational content.

Who is OnCourse Learning Real Estate?

A division of OnCourse Learning, OnCourse Learning Real Estate combines ProSchools, Career Webschool and California License – three leading real estate and home appraisal education companies. We offer thousands of nationally accredited e-learning, live and online courses. Students that partner with us are armed with everything needed to fulfill and maintain their real estate, appraisal and home inspection education requirements.

Why did California License change to OnCourse Learning?

We consolidated our real estate brands and sites to ensure our customers have access to all of our leading real estate pre-licensing, continuing education, certification and professional development courses from a single location with a single learning experience.

Our new online real estate education website enhances your learning experience with:

  • A clean, streamlined and intuitive website – enables you to quickly find what you need
  • An easy-to-use learning system – keeps your education journey on track
  • 24/7 access – permits you to learn at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you
  • Hundreds of nationally accredited and state-approved online, live and exam prep courses

Do my California License courses still provide the course credit I need to obtain and renew my license?

Absolutely. The courses are the same. All regulatory bodies that approve our courses are aware of the upcoming name change.

Does the name change and new education site delay the processing and/or reporting of my California License course completions?

Not at all. The name change will be reflected within the approved provider listings in every state we are approved and you can expect no delays.

What name will be on my course completion certificate?

Real estate students will see OnCourse Learning Real Estate on all completion certificates. OnCourse Learning is an approved education provider in all states for which you have relied on California License for training.

Does the name change impact how I access my current courses?

No. The login experience will be unchanged so you won’t experience any delays accessing your current courses.

Does my service and/or account representative change?

The teams from ProSchools, Career Webschool and California License are now combined into one. You should expect to continue working with the same service and/or account representative.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

We welcome any additional questions or comments you may have. Please visit the Contact Us page to find our contact information.