Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Course Questions

How Long Do I Have Access to My Course?

You have 6 months from the purchase date to complete your course. Once your course is completed we can extend it for an addtional 3 months, to study for your state exam.


What Are the Proctor Requirements?

If a course is requiring you to take a proctored exam, you will need to locate a valid proctor and submit a proctor form to take your final exam. A valid proctor is based upon what state you are taking your test for. Please see below for standard proctor requirements (please note that AL, AK, NY, and TX have separate requirements):

  • Cannot be related by blood or by marriage.
  • Cannot be anyone that directly benefits from you taking this course
    • Unacceptable: an employer or family member
    • Acceptable: a friend that is unrelated and not affiliated with real estate or appraisal
  • Cannot be affiliated with Real Estate or Appraisal
    • Exceptions to the rule:
      • Real Estate Schools and Appraisal Schools are acceptable;
      • State Certified Instructors of Real Estate or Appraisal are acceptable;
      • Board of Realtors/Board of Appraisers staff members are acceptable

Once you and your proctor have filled out the necessary paperwork that can be found in your “Required Documents” section of your course and submitted the form to, you can expect a turn-around time of 24-48 hours for us to send your proctor a proctor code to be able to take the exam.


Why Am I Receiving an 'Invalid Customer Specified' Error Trying to Log In?

If you are receiving the Invalid Customer Specified error, please make sure that you are logging into the correct website. Many of our students have specific websites they need to log into based on their employer or school. If you have any questions about this issue, please give us a call at 1-800-532-7649.

What Steps Do I Take to Become a Licensed Salesperson?

Students should first complete their required education which varies by state. Students will also need to apply for a license, submit to a fingerprinted background check, take and pass a licensing exam and pay any applicable fees. The school assist you in your course and your state agency handles the application, exam and background check.

I Cant Log In With My Account. What Do I Do?

We now have a new site, at and you will need to register as a new student. 

Who Do I Contact for Customer Support/Sales Questions?

Please submit a Help Ticket or reach out with the information below:

Phone: 800.532.7649

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 6PM EST

Are There Any Technical Requirements to Take a Course/Class?

Please review our technical requirements page.

What are OnCourse Learning Real Estate School Policies?

Please review our school policies.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

Please review our list of policies.

In-Course Questions 

What is “Error 400”?

An older version of our website is currently downloaded on your browser and the page will not load properly. You will need to clear your cookies and cache in order to resolve this issue. You can clear this data by pressing Control+Shift+Delete at the same time while your browser is open and the "Clear Browsing Data" prompt will show up. Make sure that the first three options are checked and press "Clear Data". Make sure to reload the page once you have cleared your cache.  

Who Do I Contact If I Have Content-Related Questions?

For any content related questions, please email us at 

How Do I Access PrepXL?

If you have purchased a package with PrepXL material, please note that the material is just practice and does not count towards any state requirements. You can access this training by going to Your login information may be different from your OnCourse Learning training. Please give us a call at 1-888-801-1900 for a password reset.


Post-Course Questions

I Completed My Course, Why Dont I See My Course Certificate?

After you've completed your course you will be promted for an evaluation of the course. Please Make sure your course evaluation has been completed and submitted. After submitting, you should see your course completed certificate. 


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