Technical Requirements

OnCourse Direct

OnCourse Direct (OCD) is a Cloud-based platform which is accessed through typical internet browsers available on most modern computers today. This learning management system is designed to serve both students and administrators. While we have taken measures to minimize the need for specific requirements, please ensure you meet the recommended system requirements and review the best practices below for an optimal experience using OCD.



Browser Session Limitations

Courses are supported in a single, active browser session per user. Opening OCD in multiple browser windows and starting multiple courses at the same time is not supported and could result in the loss of course progress. This limitation is driven in part by the regulatory market we serve and further protects you from issues with course progress and completion tracking due to competing sessions.




If your organization has implemented IP or Trusted Domain Filtering security measures for internet access, they will need to have the following trusted IP addresses and domain names whitelisted so that you are able to login, access reports, and receive email notifications.

  • 2.179.70 (for email notifications)
  • oncourselearning.com (for SFTP capabilities as needed)
  • *.oncourselearning.com (for email notifications)
  • *.ocltraining.com (Real Estate and customers)

Note: All outbound system emails come from the dedicated IP, If our system emails are flagged as spam, please add an exception to your filter.



Minimum Screen Resolution

A minimum screen resolution of 1024px X 768px is recommended for accessing administrative features in OCD.

A minimum screen resolution of 1280px X 1024px is recommended when using the Artisan Authoring Tool.



Hardware Recommendations

Administrators: For an optimal experience using administrative features such as reporting, an additional 512MB of memory is recommended above the operating system requirements for the user’s workstation.

Sound is required for an optimal learner experience using multi-media courses.

3rd Party content providers may require additional browser plug-ins, and/or different workstation requirements above and beyond the requirements for using OCD.



Web Browser

OnCourse Learning supports the following mainstream browsers and versions currently supported by each of the providers listed. Visit the provider links below for additional information regarding browser version support policies.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

*Mobile Compatibility: At this time learner features on the OCD Student Portal are supported on mobile web browsers such as viewing notifications and upcoming training, downloading certificates, and managing your profile. However, specific courses may not yet be mobile compatible. 



Specific Browser Settings

Popups: Certain areas in OCD present information in modal windows which may require Popups to be enabled. Please check your browser’s advanced settings to ensure Popups
are allowed throughout the https://symphony.ocltraining.com domain for Real Estate customers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Supplemental course material such as a syllabus may be delivered through PDF format. Many systems now come with Adobe Reader software already installed, but if you encounter issues with accessing PDF materials you may need to install a PDF reader or ensure your browser’s PDF plugin is enabled.

JavaScript: JavaScript is a very common requirement for modern web application interfaces and is required to use many learner and administrative features in OCD. Please ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser’s advanced settings.