Continuing Education Package

Washington 90-Hour First Renewal Package

About This Package

Included are all the required courses, plus several continuing education courses to meet your total 90-hour requirement. Save money and get started today! Included in the real estate CE Renewal Package are the following courses:

1. Advanced Real Estate Practices (30 Hours):Covered in this online course are the complex issues faced by licensees with real life illustrations, advanced content and exercises.

2. Washington Real Estate Law (30 Hours):This online course includes lessons concerning Introduction to Law, Licensing Law, Agency Law, Contracts, Torts, Practices and the Law, Legal Environment and Current Real Estate Law Topics.

3. 2018-2019 Washington Residential Core (3 Hours): This course covers mandatory content required to renew your real estate license and will prepare any Washington real estate professional with the legislative, legal, and business practice updates within the state.

4.Principles of Commercial Real Estate (3 Hours):Understand the different types of commercial real estate including office space, retail space and storage facilities.

5. Legal Topics in Real Estate:(4 Hours): It is that licensees understand the law as it applies to the practice of real estate. This course explores the licensee's role as an agent and fiduciary, ethical and legal pitfalls a licensee may face in a competitive market, the four required elements for valid contracts, and the differences between contract and tort law.

6. Tax Implications of Home Sales(6 Hours): Real estate professionals can increase their value to their customers by learning the tax implications of home sales in the USA. Discover strategies every real estate agent can use, including how to identify the sources of active, portfolio, and passive income. Discover how long- and short-term capital gains and losses are treated. Learn how depreciation affects taxable income, cost basis, and taxation of capital gains.

7. Starting a Successful Brokerage(6 Hours): Ready to start your own brokerage business? This course is packed with essential information to help you get started and succeed! Explore how to develop a business plan, setting up your company's management team, and marketing and advertising options. Learn the vital skills, strategies, and necessary steps for getting your company off to the right start.

8. Financing Residential Real Estate(8 Hours): Financing Residential Real Estate is an elective topic that satisfies 8 hours of continuing education. There is a dizzying array of financing options available to homebuyers today. Where do you begin? You'll discover a myriad of options available through FHA, VA and special financing options. Plus, examine a simplified approach to accurately assessing closing costs.


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90 Credit Hours