Celebrating National Mortgage Professional Month – Resource Roundup

In honor of National Mortgage Professional Month this month, OnCourse Learning is sharing an array of valuable resources and insights to benefit mortgage lenders, training managers, compliance managers and MLOs.

Mortgage professionals work hard behind the scenes each day to ultimately help families and homebuyers achieve their dream of home ownership. We hope this round-up serves as a useful resource through September – and the months to come.

From all of us at OnCourse Learning, thank you to all the mortgage professionals out there!

Regulatory compliance Recap September 2020

Here’s a list of valuable resources to support our mortgage professionals

OnCourse Learning Helps Accelerate New Hire On-Boarding for Mortgage Lender

Success Story: OnCourse Learning Helps Accelerate New Hire On-Boarding for Mortgage Lender

Loansteady drives accelerated new hire on-boarding by adopting Comprehensive mortgage training solution from OnCourse Learning – including PE, Exam Prep, CE, state electives and all-in-one training platform Mortgage HQ.

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6 Step Guide: Become a Mortgage Loan Originator

Do you or someone you know want to become a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)? Wondering where to begin? Use this introductory six-step guide to help you start your new career path.

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employee engagement

5 Ways Training Can Provide Employee Engagement During Social Isolation

The coronavirus has many of us self-isolating. Just as many of us are worried about keeping in touch with our loved ones, leaders are concerned about staying connected with their staff. With tradition in-person training not a current option, organizations need to adapt.

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Infographic: 7 Key Lessons from a Mortgage Sales Expert

Whether you’re a new recruit to the mortgage industry, seasoned MLO or training manager, check out these valuable tips and videos for MLO Professional Development!

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5 Habits of Effective Mortgage Loan Officers

5 Habits of Effective Mortgage Loan Officers

Do you have the determination to practice some of the habits of successful mortgage loan originators? Are you making a presence in the market or at networking events? Successful MLOs maintain habits for consistent growth and production in their day-to-day activities. Check out these 5 habits of effective mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers.

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Infographic: 2021 Early CE Deadlines

Whether you are a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) or responsible for managing your team’s licenses, you must be aware of the upcoming NMLS Mortgage CE deadlines. Certain states have even earlier state deadlines to be aware of. View the infographic for more information.

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Streamlining your value prop (with a 30-second pitch)

Streamlining Your Value Prop (with a 30-second pitch)

In an up market as a mortgage loan originator, your greatest asset is lead volume—which means improving conversion is one of the largest drivers of bottom-line results. Do you know how to master your value proposition when calling on inbound leads, referral leads, prospective referral partners, and portfolio customers?

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Mortgage Servicing_BLOG

Mortgage Servicing Compliance is a Big Deal.

Training is a key element to maintaining a strong compliance position and program. Servicing a mortgage loan is no easy task. And then when a pandemic hits, mortgage servicing is even more crucial and more complex. Avoid the costly mistake of your regulator finding violations of which you are unaware.

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Communicating With Customers (admidst mass-uncertainty)

How are you communicating with your customers in today’s volatile world? High-volume markets are often precipitated by a struggling economy—which means borrowers may be plagued by financial and emotional concerns, even while shopping for a loan. Aim to learn how to gain borrower commitment through clear, consistent and empathetic communication.

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Prioritize top sales opportunities

How to Prioritize Top Sales Opportunities (Sell Early and Often)

As a busy mortgage loan officer, maximizing your success in a high-volume market starts with your ability to manage a significant number of leads at times. Do you know how to prioritize your contacts throughout the day to prioritize top opportunities for sales?

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Key Requirements of a MLO

4 Key Requirements to Becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)

A lot of people ask, “How do I become a mortgage loan originator?” If you’re not familiar with the industry, the process can be overwhelming. Here are four key requirements to consider as you get started on your mortgage career path.

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Mortgage Loan Originator 101

Mortgage Loan Originator 101

Have you ever wondered – what’s the role of a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)? Even as we practice social distancing and move to a virtual work environment, it can be a fulfilling way to earn a living and help others at the same time.

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Pandemic Preparedness & Recovery Guide

We all find ourselves in extraordinary times, coming together to ensure the health and safety of our families, colleagues and customers as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds and impacts our businesses and personal lives. To help you keep your employees productive and learning we wanted to share with you some best practices resources and links that we find helpful in navigating through this situation.

Mortgage Awareness Resources


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