Customer Service Has Superhero Powers

Customer Service Has Superhero Powers

Superheroes don’t just exist in the movies and cartoons. They are among us. We interact with them every day. They go by their code name: Customer Service.

Did you know you are a superhero with special powers? Ok, so maybe this is not the special power you would have chosen but it sure is amazing once you know how to use it! You have the power to change someone’s day. And who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

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With the right weapons, you can also be a Superhero

Superheroes wouldn’t be the same without their secret weapons. Batman doesn’t have superhuman powers; he has the Batmobile.  Iron man has technology.  And we are all capable of obtaining our own weapons.  I know, you are so excited and want to know how – right?!?!

13 Easy Ways to Becoming a Customer Service Superhero

Start each call fresh

Don’t carry the last call into the next as they are not them. We all get that customer that you just cannot satisfy. No one can. They are upset and only time will calm them down. You need to reset and get ready for the next customer.

Have empathy

You may never know why that caller is having a bad day. Or, why they are projecting that onto you. But you can make a difference. Talk to them. Get a rapport going. By simply listening, they may calm down and you can be that difference that sets them up for a good rest of the day. And yourself too. Bruce Banner didn’t like being stressed out and becoming the Hulk.


So many times, customers start a call ready to fight as they fear no one will listen. They think they need to be loud to get our attention. Don’t buy into their anger. Stay calm and let them talk. They will get it all out and be ready to hear what you have to say.

Don’t guess

Unfortunately, you don’t have Spiderman’s Spidey-sense. Don’t assume the customers’ needs. Get all of the details. Ask lots of questions to really understand their problem so you can be the superhero that fixes it for them.

Treat them as a family member

Stop and think. Would you want your mother or father treated this way? Is this how you can build that relationship and trust? Treat customers in the same way you want to be treated.

Smiling is a superpower

 So, our customers may not have x-ray vision like Supergirl to see if we are smiling on the phone, but they can still tell. Your tone and positive energy can show through with a smile. Even through a phone line.

Show kindness

 Not all superpowers involve feats of strength. Ms. Marvel led with humility and humbleness. A kinder approach can diffuse a bad situation.

Personalize your interactions

 It doesn’t matter whether on the phone, in an email or chat – think of ways you can make the interaction feel less scripted. That is a trait even the most famous superheroes don’t possess.

Think of the CEO sitting next to you

 Most calls are recorded. Is this an interaction that your CEO will give you praise for? Always strive to do what is best for the customer and your organization.

Pick up the phone

 Clark Kent was always in a phone booth. Maybe he was making that call while making a quick change. Many issues can be resolved quicker by making a call. And your customers will appreciate it, and you, more.

Follow up

 We can be better than those movie heroes. Who even pays for that destroyed city clean up anyway? Follow up. Make sure your customer is satisfied. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

Go the extra mile

 Superhero’s can cover miles in a single leap. Something small to you may be a big leap to the customer.

Love what you do

 Superheroes may start out reluctant. It is a big responsibility to take on. But if you don’t love what you do, it shows. In your work life, and in your home life. Being positive in all aspects of your life will keep you on track to hero worship.

Be your own superhero

You may not save the world in an afternoon, but you are saving the day. Customer service saves the day with each call, email, and problem fixed for our customers.

Customer Service for the Real World

Customer service is more than just delivering products and services. Customer service is about providing value to your customers throughout their entire experience with your institution. This Customer Service series will train your employees on customer service best practices to help you retain your customers, control customer frustration, respond to inquiries more efficiently, and increase your institution’s overall customer satisfaction. 

Let OnCourse Learning help you transform your Customer Service team into Superheroes.

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