“Do You Play to Your Strengths?”

Do you and your mortgage team know how to play to your strengths?

Mortgage expert Dale Vermillion’s favorite baseball player of all time, San Diego Padres legend Tony Gwynn, never would have made a name for himself had he not played to his strength: hitting. Learn from his example and have your mortgage team play to their strengths every single day so they can get customers where they need to be on a mortgage.

“Play to your strengths first, like legendary baseball player Tony Gwynn.” 

Dale Vermillion, Mortgage Champions

If you didn’t know, Dale is a huge baseball fan and even had a chance to play semi-pro baseball himself when he was younger—prior to becoming one of the most well-renowned mortgage trainers, speakers, and consultants in the country.

Watching Tony Gwynn play baseball, Dale realized Tony was a genius baseball player because he knew both his strengths and his weaknesses. Tony’s strength was that he had an incredible swing, could get lots of hits, and “spray the ball all over the field.” His weakness was his speed – he couldn’t run very fast off the plate. Because of that, Tony learned to play to his strength and only take pitches that he could hit away from infielders to get on base more frequently.

Are you playing to your strengths like Tony Gwynn?  Most mortgage professionals like yourself are programmed in one of two ways predominantly: either you’re a left-brain thinker where you’re more analytical and logical by nature; or you’re a right brain thinker where you’re more emotional and creative by nature.

If you’re right-brain dominant, you’re likely a more relational person. You are diligent at building relationships and have great interpersonal skills as a strength. If you’re left-brain dominant, you’re likely more logical and productive at delivering thorough information to your mortgage customers.

But according to Dale, the key to success is to try to get both the right- and left-brain working in tandem, so you’re both relational and logical in your approach to the business. Play to your strengths first though, like Tony Gwynn did.

If you’re an emotional creative, build those incredible relationships with your borrowers first. If you’re a logical analytic, build those great knowledge and information components first. Then, with the end goal of helping your customers get to where they need to be on a mortgage, fill in the gaps! Home runs for everyone!

That’s today’s Dale eMinute.

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