How to Prioritize Top Sales Opportunities (Sell Early and Often)

As a busy mortgage loan officer, knowing how to prioritize top sales opportunities can make the difference between success and missing your goals. Maximizing your success in a high-volume market starts, at times, with your ability to manage a significant number of leads. Do you know how to sequence your contacts throughout the day to prioritize your top sales opportunities?

Prioritize top sales opportunities

Why is it important to prioritize top sales opportunities?

To be successful, everything you do in life should be addressed in a priority order, which starts with adopting a priority mindset about what is the most important thing you should be doing. As a salesperson, there should be no single greater focus throughout your day than earning the next sale, and that starts with prioritizing the opportunities before you. Lead prioritization is something that you should do constantly throughout each day.

In the mortgage industry, rates and leads have an inverse relationship. Which means in up-markets, opportunities can be nearly limitless, leading mortgage loan originators to become overwhelmed and, in response, perform reactively instead or proactively. The number one mistake loan officers make in a high-volume market is starting their day on the back foot – jumping straight into their pipeline to deal with problems, calling on low-opportunity leads to “get them out of the way,” or even simply calling the most recent leads to drop in their queue. Instead of this time-draining approach, be the kind of mortgage loan originator that focuses, first thing in the morning, on selling and building momentum by prioritizing your top sales opportunities.

3 Tips for Prioritizing Your Top Sales Opportunities

When you have more leads than you have time in the day, it can be overwhelming. The following tips will help provide you perspective and practical tips for prioritizing your lead follow up.

1 – Start Your Day with Your Best Leads

To better enhance your chances of sales success as a mortgage loan originator, you will want to reach your most qualified customers first. For example, if you have 10 leads in your pipeline at the start of any new day, one of them is likely the best lead and one of them is the worst lead, while the rest are somewhere in the middle. Rather than starting your day working your worst leads, start your day working your best leads. Prioritizing and selling your stronger leads first and foremost will build your success, confidence, and momentum throughout the rest of the day. In turn, this momentum will give you a better approach for tackling your remaining leads. Avoid getting the “bad ones” out of the way first just so you can move over to the “good ones”. Strive to do the exact opposite of that!

2 – Your Attitude = Your Momentum

Building and maintaining a positive attitude is an important area to be a successful mortgage loan originator. The momentum you build with your strongest leads first, will help create a positive attitude, which will ultimately aid you throughout the rest of your day. Strive to work smart, not hard. Be proactive, not reactive. And prioritize all day long each day.

3 – Find Your Rhythm When Prioritizing Your Top Sales Opportunities

To be a next-level loan officer in up-markets you must start your day with the right rhythm: warming-up, reprioritizing your leads, and then hitting your best opportunities up-front when you are your most fresh and energetic. As more leads hit your plate, strive to re-prioritize continuously so you always have the strongest approach to your mornings and afternoons.

Knowing how to prioritize top sales opportunities can help maximize your success. Start your day with the best leads first. Play off your positive attitude to build momentum.  And find your rhythm each day.

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