Parades, Celebrations, and New Rules and Regulations For Mortgage in July 2022

While you are preparing to watch fireworks, we are preparing for the new rules and regulations changes. Keep your team sparkling with our latest courses covering the hot topics you and your staff should be aware of.

Our webinars and live streaming events are presented live by experts in their field addressing compliance issues, industry trends, and regulation updates on topics such as TRID, Commercial Lending, HMDA and more!

Regulatory Compliance Webinars You Should Attend in July 2022

TRID for Beginners

The TRID rules are complicated and can be quite daunting for those who are new to TRID in general. This webinar is a great opportunity to introduce those “newbies” to TRID at the ground level. You might even have a few seasoned loan officers that need a refresher. Attendees will learn the basics and the general concepts found throughout the TRID requirements. Not only will they gain confidence as they learn the ins and outs in plain English but they will get started off on the right track.


consumer real estate loan officers, loan processors, and compliance and audit personnel

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

10:00 am CT

HMDA A-Z Seminar OnDemand with Live Streaming

HMDA compliance is tough! With all the data you are required to collect and report, there are bound to be mistakes. You can’t rest easy though, because too many errors can lead to civil money penalties. This webinar will take a look at HMDA from beginning to end and everything in between. This is a great opportunity to take an in-depth look at HMDA get your HMDA compliance on the right track!

Audience: loan officers, loan processors, compliance, audit and other loan operations personnel

Thursday, July 28, 2022

9:00 am  CT

Want to see the full webinar schedule? Check out our webinar calendar online for a full list of upcoming webinars.

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