How to Create High Impact Online Financial Compliance Training

Nowadays online compliance training is widely used. It seems like everything is going digital, including training and development. Financial institutions are having to find a new approach to meet the training needs of their staff. Top performing banks have implemented high impact online financial compliance training.

The front line of your financial institution is your first line of defense. With regulatory changes happening on a regular basis, one-time training just isn’t enough. Compliance training costs time and money. Worst case scenario, the lack of training can damage your reputation from critical errors.

Offering on-going education online offers the best protection against these risks. Compliance doesn’t have to be boring. It’s now possible to provide engaging online training for all audiences – from Gen Z and Millennials to Baby Boomers.

High impact compliance training

What is Online Compliance Training, and Why Does it Matter?

Compliance training is the education financial services professionals are mandated to receive by legislation, regulations and policies. This training typically must be completed on a periodic basis and deadlines are important. In fact, auditors check how often you conduct training and what the training includes.

Today, financial institutions can offer online compliance training to their workforce, giving the modern learner access to the training they need, when they need it. One key benefit to online training is that eLearning tech providers can keep the content up to date and relevant without having to reprint materials.

In a digital era, participating in training on a computer feels natural. This environment can also facilitate an engaging, meaningful experiences for modern learners. Online training can be self-paced, include simulations/videos and webinars.

Today’s learner wants to be challenged on topics that they are interested in. Providing online compliance training empowers financial professional to self-register for topics and courses that are meaningful for them. When learners have access to topics that interest them, they are motivated and learn new skills 25% faster.

How to Create a Successful Online Compliance Training Program

Consider Learning Styles:

Not every learner benefit from the same format of training. When selecting online compliance training, look for courses that incorporate all learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and text based.


Microlearning has become a new buzz word in learning and development. These online compliance training courses break down concepts into smaller, usually 5-10 minutes, teachable moments. Compliance training is far too important to be a one and done training opportunity. Microlearning makes it easy to stay up to date with regulations and policies.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning:

To accommodate different learning styles, online compliance training providers offer the technology to empower employees to self-choose the best path for their style. Adaptive learning uses the right technology to personalize and adapt content based on the learner’s responsive.

Choose the Right eLearning Provider:

There are several free resources available for financial compliance training. However, selecting the right partner is critical in providing an engaged learning experience and to ensure that content is current and accurate. OnCourse Learning has a modern, flexible and easy-to-use learning management technology that was built for bankers by bankers. This type of platform allows you to create custom learning programs that incorporate your own guidelines and policies within your online compliance training program.

5 Tips and Reminders

  1. Educate the learner why they need to know the information (within the first 20 seconds of the online compliance training course)
  2. Prepare the learner for what they can expect before, during and after the training
  3. Show the benefits of training and how it will make them better in their current and future roles
  4. When applicable, provide a glossary, FAQs and flowchart for employees to reference after training is completed
  5. Emphasize why compliance training matters, on a personal level

Compliance training is a must in the financial services sector and yet, it can cause employees to moan and groan. A new approach can provide meaningful engagement from your staff in protecting your organization. Ongoing online compliance training is critical to reduce risk, save costs and protect your financial reputation.

To learn even more about how to create a high impact financial compliance training program, download our free eBook here.

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