Organizing Your Day (and reclaiming your life)

As a busy business professional are you interested in organizing your day, enhancing your daily personal productivity and optimizing performance? Realizing the peak of your potential in a high-volume mortgage market requires learning how to balance professional goals with personal priorities, and at times, in a high-stress environment.

Learn more on how to organize your day to keep both unparalleled professional success and personal happiness within reach.

The brass tacks of maximizing your success in a high-volume market are always being able to answer “Yes,” to the Gold Rule of Time Management:

  • “Is this the single best use of my time right now?”

In order to be able to answer “yes” to that crucial question, it is important to employ the leading time management tactics – including time blocking, time batching, power hours, work sprints, and purposeful time mastering. Learn more about block scheduling and time management tactics inside the Personal Productivity professional development course series. The series covers important techniques around time management, prioritization, planning and managing a schedule, and problem solving.

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Additionally, in today’s digital age working from home (WFH) is becoming more prevalent in America. More professionals than ever before are experiencing the benefits and challenges of working from home. The goal through this transition is to maintain peak performance beyond a traditional work environment. If you’re working remotely as an employee or manager and looking for tips to help manage your day, explore these additional resources, including:

By leveraging these powerful tactics and avoiding multitasking, you can control the flow of your day, stay focused on production, and avoid burnout by incorporating personal priorities into your daily routine.

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