“The Foundation of Good Communication”

Is your mortgage team actively listening to what your customers have to say?

Customers love good listeners! The more you and your mortgage team learn to pause and let customers talk, the more they will share specific needs you can then help them with.

“Customers love good listeners. You’ll build better relationships.” 

Dale Vermillion, Mortgage Champions

Per mortgage sales expert Dale Vermillion, the one thing that customers hate more than anything is when they feel talked over, rather than listened to.

When you or your team members are talking with a customer, listen closely to what they have to say. Before you or your team respond to what was shared, count ‘one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand’—at that point, if the customer hasn’t continued to elaborate (which they almost always will), then respond.

If you and your mortgage team practice this, two things are going to happen:

  • #1: You and your team members will become known as a good listener, and customers love good listeners! You’ll also build better relationships.
  • #2: The more important thing that will happen is that you’ll realize that people reveal their need and desires in layers. Most borrowers, at the beginning of their interaction with a mortgage loan officer, only communicate their superficial needs and desires (to buy a home, get a good rate, etc.); but, as you pause and let them keep talking, they’ll go reveal deeper and deeper needs and desired in their words. This is an incredibly emotional process, and if you honor it, you and your team members will build more and better relationships with your borrowers.

Aim to do the following in customer-facing conversations moving forward:

– Slow down

– Don’t talk over people

– Don’t interrupt

– Provide space for them to reveal deeper needs and desires

Listening is the foundation of great communication. By becoming a better listener, you’re in fact becoming a better communicator—which will help you in every aspect of business and life.

That’s today’s Dale eMinute.

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