Top 10 Reasons You Should be Exhibiting at Tradeshows

In-person events are back in full swing. That means more connections, more prospects, more leads, and more opportunities. But are you still hesitant on exhibiting at tradeshows? There are huge benefits to attending. We have gathered up ten of the top reasons your company needs to be there.

Builds Loyalty

A smile and a handshake trump a phone call any day. It allows you to really make a connection with a person. And that goes a long way in trust. You are able to re-connect with current customers and make new ones. The more you see your customer in the hallways, over breaks, and at events, the more approachable you seem. Those opportunities build that connection that goes beyond your products.

Brand Visibility

Someone new to the industry may not be familiar with your company. Others may have heard of you, but still may not be familiar. This is your chance to bring your company to the center. Give them something tangible with your logo such as a pen or notebook, that they will have after the conference to stay visible.

Showcase New Products

The attendees are there for a reason.  They want to gain knowledge that will help them in their jobs. And that includes new products.  Know the hot topics and what you need to showcase. Come prepared with literature and solutions to the latest problems facing their industry.

The Competition

If you are thinking about exhibiting, your competition has probably already signed up. This is your chance to see what they are doing well and what prospects like about them. And where you can improve your standing and show what you do better.

Feedback from Your Customers

Customers like to be heard. Listen to what they are having issues with, and then show them how you can fix that problem. Really take the time to have a conversation and see what you need to do better and what products you can create to solve those problems.

Industry Presence

This is your chance to really show what your company is all about. Exhibiting at a tradeshow gets your brand in front of the right audience. People will talk and word-of-mouth goes along way. Attendees take note of what companies are, and aren’t there.


The more times a prospect sees your logo, the more they feel like they are familiar with it. This builds awareness and they are more likely to stop by your booth. It also shows you care about more than just a sale which will lead to support of your business.

Cost Effective

According to research from The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group, it costs an average of $142 for a client meeting at a tradeshow. The cost of a face-to-face meeting at a prospect’s office is $259. According to an article at jobsinmarketing, tradeshows are the second largest source of B2B revenue in the US.

Large Leads

You can reach so many more prospects. Attendees are specific to your industry and are there to see what is new and learn all they can.

Have Fun

Having fun is something people will remember on that drive home. And once back in the office, they will want to continue that fun. They will join your social channels, open up that email, and be more willing to return that call.

 Face-to face events are getting back into full swing and you need to be there. The connections, leads, and relationships cultivated at a tradeshow are invaluable for your company.

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