“Want to Make a Sale Today? Stop Multitasking.”

Is your mortgage team applying a single focus to achieve higher productivity and mortgage sales performance?

Your team can multitask, but they can’t multi-focus. Multitasking splits the mind and deviates from a 100% effort in a single area. Instead of encouraging your mortgage team to multitask to improve productivity, try having them focus 100% on the things that matter by prioritizing the most important tasks each day.

“Give 100% of your effort. Focus on ONE thing at a time.” 

Dale Vermillion, Mortgage Champions

According to mortgage sales expert Dale Vermillion, when sales and operations professionals attempt to multitask, they undermine their ability to reach their highest productivity and performance.

Why? Because the human brain is designed to think in only one direction at a time. For example, when asked a simple question like, “What is your name?” The brain immediately focuses on a single task – recalling your name. It can’t simultaneously process what you’re going to have for dinner or what you’re going to do this weekend.

So, if your mind can only focus on a single task at any given moment, when we try to multitask, what we’re really doing is combatting the way we’re naturally wired; which is unlikely to yield great results.

Actively strive to:

  • Focus on one thing at a time;
  • Give 100% effort;
  • Get things completed;
  • Focus on the things that matter; and
  • Quit trying to multitask.

That means prioritizing your day every day, setting the tasks before you that are the most important first, and getting them completed. If you’re in sales, that means sales. If you’re a processor, that means processing. If you’re an underwriter, that means underwriting. No matter what your position is, focus on that one thing that makes you successful. Don’t try to do 10 things at once because you’re just going to drop balls.

That’s today’s Dale eMinute.

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