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Closing the gap: How to identify and remediate credit skill knowledge gaps to increase bottom line

Diagnostic assessment tools have uncovered that credit branch managers and relationship managers are woefully lacking in basic credit skills. Even some underwriters and portfolio managers with many years of experience are shown to have critical gaps in their credit knowledge.
The lack of these job essential skills may lead to unqualified credit prospects, decrease in the asset quality of the portfolio, and ultimately, loan losses. Therefore, implementing targeted training to match the credit skills gaps is key for your institution to save both time and money.

Join managing partners of Eensight Tom Carlin and Carlos Almeida as they discuss how to close the credit skill knowledge gap to move the needle with diagnostic credit assessments.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify knowledge and performance gaps
  • Analyze these gaps to achieve desired and required performance results
  • Implement a training program to improve knowledge and performance
  • Utilize training dollars more effectively
  • Empower employees with the right skills to hit the job running
  • Provide the right skills needed to better qualify prospects
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