Q & As With A Banking Exec- What it is Really Like to Work at a Financial Institution

There are so many different aspects to working in the financial industry. This article focuses on the banking side of things. We asked Kristin Zummo, Director of Business Intelligence at Chelsea Groton Bank in Groton, CT about her career.

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How did you get into the banking sector?

I came to banking through a role in Learning and Development but have since expanded my scope into the Banking Operations and Data Management world.

What is a normal day like?

Every day is a new adventure, and that is one of the best parts of working at a bank. While you might assume it’s very predictable, banking offers the stability of operational excellence, with a strong eye toward innovation and customer service. The question of “How can we do this better?” is ever-present.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

In my current role, I support projects and data management at the bank. This offers a unique “balcony” view of some of our strategic efforts. It is an incredible privilege to see so many team members working together in big and small ways to move the bank forward.

What is your biggest worry within your career?

The balance between innovation and security is always top of mind. As a bank, we have a responsibility to our customers and team members to do everything in our power to keep their information safe. But we also must continue to evolve and innovate. That natural tension is always present, but with the right mindset, we can continue learning and find the best path forward that meets everyone’s needs. The fact that this worry exists means we’re doing our job well!

What advice do you have for someone thinking of going into the banking industry?

Banking will surprise you! I’d suggest keeping an open mind. It’s an industry that doesn’t get a lot of hype but really should. It provides a wealth of opportunity, chances to learn from the ground up, plenty of diverse career paths, and the gift of being able to have a real impact on customers.

Kristin Zummo is the Director of Business Intelligence at Chelsea Groton Bank in Groton, CT. Following over a decade of experience in both Higher Education and Defense, Kristin joined Chelsea Groton Bank as part of the Learning & Development team in 2019. Since then, she has expanded her scope to include project and data management as well as a focus on continuous improvement. She is a firm believer that, regardless of the industry, it is the people in the business that make it successful. “Many tiny people in many tiny places doing many tiny things can change the face of the world.” ~Eduardo Galeano

Whether you are currently in the banking industry or thinking of changing careers, take the advice of those that have been there. Know what skills you have and what can be improved upon.

Connect with your local state banking association to learn about job opportunities and how you can learn more about pursuing a career in banking.

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