Working Well Individually (and as a Sales Team)

Do you know how to position yourself and your financial services team for success by mastering your time and managing your mindset? You can only make the most of surging business activity for your financial institution if you set yourself and your sales team members up for success every single day.

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One key to setting yourself up for success during high-volume markets is knowing where your time is being spent so that you can make necessary changes to prioritize what you do best: sales.

That starts by first figuring out where your time is being spent by conducting a time audit, after which you can then make strategic decisions to remove unproductive workflows, reduce time spent on inefficient tasks and activities, and reassign priorities throughout the day.

Important to note is that priorities will only ever happen if you schedule them and create the time and space necessary to see them through to completion. Regulating your accessibility via email, chat, and voicemail is critical to making progress toward your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Another key to setting your team members up for success during high-volume markets is take a supportive and praise-issuing approach to teamwork.

When your team members feel genuinely appreciated, receive clear direction on priorities and know that you’re doing your best to make their job easier – you’ll experience fewer team issues and conduct more business.

Start by asking yourself, “What can I do for my team members?” Instead of “What can my team members do for me?” This approach will help you work better individually and as a sales team throughout your busy days.

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