FSC – Am I Registered Properly? The Facts about FinCEN Registration

Course Description

Take a look at how FinCEN is tracking and monitoring the existence and activities of Money Services Businesses. Registration requirements exist, but do you know the nuances of them? This 30 minute course will introduce you to the process and provide answers to some common questions regarding registration. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to distinguish the type of business activities that require registration with FinCEN, describe the initial registration process which includes knowing the initial registration period, understanding the timing requirements and completing FinCEN form 107, understand when FinCEN renewals are required and when renewals should be filed with FinCEN, recall the events that trigger re-registration with FinCEN, be familiar with documentation requirements as well as the maintenance of the MSB agent list, as applicable, understand the civil and criminal penalties for violation of the registration requirement.

30 Minutes