2020-08 August – Essential Board Reporting

Course Description

Clear, concise, complete information is critical to a board’s decision-making. Examiners closely scrutinize board packages to confirm the board is receiving necessary information. We will discuss the safety and soundness and compliance areas reviewed by examiners. This invaluable session will include what types of reports should be included in board packages and how these reports should be utilized.

Covered Topics:
– How to determine the info you need (not too much, not too little)
– A ‘walk around’ your institution
– What’s required by each officer to give you at your institution?
– Reg requirements such as: BSA, Fair Lending, UDAAP and more…
– Loan Policy and Summary Reports
– Exception Reporting
– ALCO Reporting
– IT/Information Security/Vendor Management/Risk Management
– Investment Portfolios
– And much, much more!

25 Minutes