Equal Credit Opportunity Act: Regulation B – Microlearning FAST Modules

Course Description

These modules provide an overview of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and its implementation Regulation B, which prohibits discrimination in any aspect of the credit process on the basis of race, gender, marital status, religion, national origin, age, color, receipt of public assistance income, or the exercise of rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Important regulatory restrictions and precautions are discussed in the course, which involve taking the credit applications, evaluating the application, notifying applicants of the credit decision, and maintaining records of the loan. Who and what are covered by the law are explored. Adverse action and appraisal disclosure requirements are explained.

FAST Modules:
– ECOA and Regulation B Basics
– Responding to Loan Inquiries and Applications
– Evaluation and Notification Requirements
– Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

*Each FAST Module is 5-10 minutes in length.

10 Minutes