Eensight Credit Lending Training

Provide your employees with world-class credit training. Assess employee knowledge by utilizing our credit skills diagnostic assessment. Then, customize individual learning based on skills gaps. Mitigate risk and provide your employees the tools they need to be effective throughout the credit process.

Five unique credit lending programs include:

Credit Skills Diagnostic Assessment

Identify credit skills gaps through a comprehensive assessment and receive a detailed report to develop a targeted training program to maximize results and minimize the investment.

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Consumer Lending

Build your employees’ confidence to speak with clients about their consumer lending needs by providing them with solid analytical and technical skills that foster professional interactions at every stage of the consumer lending process.

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Commercial Lending

Grow your commercial business portfolio by providing employees with a solid credit foundation and the core skills necessary to underwrite commercial loans.

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Small Business Lending

Develop your employees’ core skills to review and discuss small business credit requests. Provide them with the skills and competencies necessary to meet the challenges small businesses faces.

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Insight Advantage Program

Enhance your employees’ skills and competencies to acquire, expand and add value to their current and future business relationships. Utilize strategic sales conversations and determine cash management, financing opportunities and offer valuable solutions.

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