Summertime, Grilling, and New Rules and Regulations for the Mortgage Industry in June 2022

As we put pool days and BBQs on our agenda, researching those new regulatory changes probably didn’t make the list. We took care of that for you with our latest webinars.

We’ve brought together the hot topics you and your staff should be aware of. Our webinars and live streaming events are presented live by experts in their field addressing compliance issues, industry trends, and regulation updates on topics such as TRID, Compliance, Flood Insurance, and more!

Regulatory Compliance Mortgage Webinars You Should Attend in June 2022

TRID Hot Spots

This webinar will point out what examiners are looking for and will also bring your attention to areas that are notorious for errors. Consider this webinar your “cheat sheet” to get you on the right track BEFORE your next examination.

Audience: Designed for consumer real estate loan officers, loan processors, and compliance and audit personnel.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

10:00 am CT

Mortgage Origination Compliance – 2 Part Series

There are numerous compliance requirements when originating a consumer-purpose mortgage loan. Most people think about the TRID requirements (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures), but there are many more. From ability-to-repay and Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules, flood insurance and appraisal requirements, to fair lending, there is much to think about. As well, the loan may be HMDA-reportable. And with the many recent changes in the QM, HMDA, and appraisal rules, things can get tricky. As well, the pandemic resulted in additional considerations. We’ll pay particular attention to these changes so you don’t miss a beat

Audience: Anyone at the institution involved in the mortgage loan origination process, including loan officers, processors, loan secretaries, closing agents, compliance officers, counsel, management, and others.

Series Begins

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 

10:00 am CT


New Flood Insurance Q&As

Flood Insurance is one of those compliance requirements that is just difficult to get right. There are so many rules and moving parts, it’s a constant struggle. The Agencies recently finalized “Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Flood Insurance”. These provide a wealth of information and guidance to help you meet your compliance requirements. Join us to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.

Audience: This webinar is designed for consumer and commercial loan officers, loan processors, compliance and audit personnel.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 

10:00 am CT

Appraisal Rules and Standards, RESPA Requirements, and Banking Servicemembers Seminar OnDemand with Live Streaming

The past few years have seen a significant emphasis on real estate appraisals and evaluation rules and regulations. With attention on credit standards increasing in general, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the rules. Revised Interagency Guidelines and requirements for consumer real estate loans under Reg Z have been in place for years, and we’ve seen additional requirements finalized recently. Just in the last few years, we’ve seen significant proposed and final regulations changing some thresholds and providing some additional exceptions from the requirement. In some cases (called “flipping transactions”), lenders even have to obtain two appraisals on the same property for one loan. And of course, COVID-19 has proved challenging, and in response, some leeway has been provided for appraisals.

Audience: Loan officers, lenders, compliance officers, auditors, underwriters, loan support staff, appraisers, closing agents, management, and many others will benefit from this event!

Thursday, June 30, 2022 

9:00 am CT

Want to see the full webinar schedule? Check out our webinar calendar online for a full list of upcoming webinars.

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