“Improvement is the Wrong Metric.”

“How do we improve production?” is simply the wrong question for your mortgage team. Why? Because improvement is relative! Top producing mortgage teams don’t focus on nominal gains when measuring performance, they focus on gains in light of potential.

“Quit focusing on production improvement. Instead focus on potential.” 

Dale Vermillion, Mortgage Champions

According to mortgage sales expert Dale Vermillion, mortgage teams should identify the potential of their people and then help their originators live up to that potential, not some arbitrary production goal. Here’s why:

A CEO recently shared their company’s goal to achieve a 200-300% improvement in production in the coming year. Even though that might seem like an unrealistic goal, the company’s underperforming sales staff could have easily achieved that goal without making the company broadly competitive in today’s environment. If instead that CEO focused on their team members’ actual potential, they would have set individual goals ranging from 100-1000% improvement, positioning their company to become truly competitive against comparative lenders.

By identifying your mortgage team members’ actual potential and focusing on that–you can and will achieve numbers far beyond the improvement metric you’re likely benchmarking against right now.

As Dale Vermillion reminds his clients, “You weren’t created to simply be mediocre. You were created to be GREAT!” If you’re anything short of GREAT right now, you just haven’t met your team’s full potential—yet. So, instead of encouraging your mortgage team members to be just a “little better” today, motivate them to live up to who they were made to be: someone GREAT!

Your mortgage team has the capacity to be GREAT, help them be just that and nothing less. That’s today’s Dale eMinute.

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