Communicating With Customers (amidst mass-uncertainty)

As a mortgage loan officer, how are you communicating with your customers in today’s volatile world? High-volume markets are often precipitated by a struggling economy—which means borrowers may be plagued by financial and emotional concerns, even while shopping for a loan.

Aim to learn how to gain borrower commitment through clear, consistent, and empathetic communication.

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The key to communicating effectively in high-volume markets as a mortgage loan officer is addressing the unease borrowers may feel, while still embracing the excitement that comes with locking a favorable mortgage rate. Be sympathetic to each borrower situation.  One of the best ways to do so is to employ the “Check-in, Check-up, Check-out” approach.


  • Start by checking-in with borrowers emotionally—ask how they and their loved ones are doing, find out not if, but how, they’ve been personally affected by the conditions driving this low-rate environment. Many people appreciate being acknowledged and cared about.


  • Next, check-up to how you can professionally help them achieve their financial goals in obtaining a mortgage. Understand their complete financial picture, ask about their short and long-term plans, and determine what matters most to them in a mortgage transaction.


  • Finally, check-out by assuring them that you can help them strengthen their financial position through a personalized loan offer. Give them the confidence that you’re able to provide them with a great loan for their unique situation. Remember, you are their expert in this arena and holding a mortgage license.

Regardless of their situation, every borrower wants to know that you truly care about them, their loved ones, their financial wellbeing, and their mission to become a homeowner. So how do we show borrowers that we truly CARE? By Connecting, Acquainting, Recognizing, and Educating. Connect with your borrowers on a personal level, become acquainted with their unique situation, recognize their unique needs and desires, and then educate them on how you can help them achieve their financial goals working as their mortgage loan officer.

At the end, every borrower wants the same thing out of a mortgage transaction: security, stability, and savings. In uncertain times, it is especially important to communicate to every borrower how a well-structured loan can provide the security, stability, and savings they are looking for.

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