5 Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent

The role of an insurance agent can be demanding; however, it can also be quite rewarding and meaningful.

The perks of an insurance agent career

#1 Stability in the Industry 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 10% growth in insurance agents between 2016 and 2026. This means roughly 50,000 more jobs will open up in the insurance agent role by 2026.

Not only is the industry growing, it gains stability from being a necessity. In many cases, such as with car insurance and home insurance, it can actually be legally acquired. As the need and demand for health insurance and long-term care continues to grow, so will the need for agents. No career or industry can fully be recession-proof; however, insurance is one of the most stable. 

#2 Potential Income 

Some agents are salaried and some are paid a base plus salary, but the most common compensation for insurance agents is straight commission. This means there is no cap to potential income. The harder you work and the more skills you gain, the higher your income can grow. 

In May 2016, the average wage for an insurance agent was $49,990. The highest 10% of insurance agents earned more than $128,070.  

 #3 Flexible Schedule 

Many insurance agents have the choice to work remotely. As long as goals are met, many employers are open to working from home---or anywhere you choose. Many roles in the insurance industry do not require you to work a regular 9-5, Monday-through-Friday schedule. Agents often match their schedules to client availability. Often, insurance agents get to choose their own hours. This makes it an ideal profession for parents or anyone who enjoys more freedom and not being stuck at a cubicle all day. 

#4 Low Barriers for Entry 

Becoming an insurance agent does not require college coursework or a degree. A high school diploma or the equivalent are the only prerequisites for taking insurance courses to become licensed as an insurance professional. 

Requirements for getting an insurance license vary by state (link to state requirements page) ; however, insurance training can be taken online and at your own pace with OnCourse Learning. The time it takes to get licensed and begin your career is much shorter than other professions that require college coursework. This means you can begin earning money much more quickly than with other careers. 

 #5 Meaningful Work 

This role is about helping protect people. Insurance agents help shield clients from being hit hard financially by health problems, accidents and disasters. Basically, an insurance agent helps protect people from life’s unforeseen mishaps.  

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