Frequently Asked Questions

  • In-Course Questions

  • What is BioSig?

    BioSig is an authentication software to verify student identity by drawing a four-character code with your mouse. All course providers were mandated by the NMLS to implement this software in all online self-paced courses in 2016. The software came from a third-party vendor so OnCourse Learning must follow the rules of the third party vendor when it comes to how the authentication is presented in our courses. OnCourse Learning is not able to offer support with BioSig issues or questions, but there are plenty of articles and videos to help you go through BioSig in your course on the NMLS Student Authentication page.

    Please make sure your Last Name and NMLS# are correct in your OnCourse Learning profile. We also recommend you write down your BioSig password after you create one because you will need to draw a few times throughout the course as well as each time you log into your course.

  • How do I reset my BioSig password?

    If you fail to input your BioSig password three times, a box will pop up for you to enter an Authentication Code. This Authentication code will be sent to your email address. Please check to verify the authentication code is being sent to the correct email address. As long as your Last Name and NMLS# have not changed since the last time you logged into course, the email should go to the email you have on file with OnCourse Learning. For additional information or to watch helpful videos, please see How to Rest Your BioSig Password.

  • Why do course modules contain timers?

    Making sure a student remains engaged with the content for the duration of any pre-licensing or continuing education course is a requirement of the SAFE Act. As such, NMLS requires that timers be integrated to ensure that student engagement takes place.

  • What is “Error 400”?

    An older version of our website is currently downloaded on your browser and the page will not load properly. You will need to clear your cookies and cache in order to resolve this issue.

    Press Control+Shift+Delete at the same time while your browser is open and the "Clear Browsing Data" prompt will show up. Make sure that the first three options are checked and press "Clear Data". Make sure to reload the page once you have cleared your cache.

    Click the menu button and select “Options.” Select “Privacy & Security” panel. In the “Cookies and Site Data Section” click on “Clear Data.” Only the “Cached Web Content” box should be checked. Click the “Clear” button. Make sure to reload the page once you have cleared your cache.

    Press Control+Shift+Delete at the same time while your browser is open and the "Delete brower history" prompt will show up. Remove all of the checks except "Temporary Internet files and website files." Click the “Delete” button. Make sure to reload the page once you have cleared your cache.

  • How do I learn more about the course curriculums?

    If you have any content-related questions, such as needing a further explanation on a topic or inaccuracies with our content, please email us at mortgageinstructor@oncourselearning.com. Please note that instructors only respond to emails and do not have an extension to call into.

  • How do I access my Prep xL account?

    If you have purchased a package with PrepXL material, please note that the material is just practice and does not count towards any state requirements. You can access this training by going to https://prepxl.oncourselearning.com/. Your login information may be different from your OnCourse Learning training. Please give us a call at 1-888-801-1900 for a password reset.

  • How do I access a webinar course I signed up for?

    If you are taking a webinar course, you can expect all information to be sent to your email the business day prior to the webinar. Make sure to check your junk and spam folders from the email webinar@oncourselearning.com. You will log into your webinar by clicking on the attendee.gototraining.com link that is in the email. Please note per NMLS compliance that you cannot access this training on a mobile device (tablet or phone).

  • Who do I contact for customer support/sales questions?

    For Mortgage Sales, please submit a Help Ticket or contact our Sales Department:
    Phone: (866)-512-9888 (follow prompt for Sales)
    Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 6PM EST

    Customer Support
    For Customer Support, please submit a Help Ticket or contact our Customer Support Department:
    Phone: (866)-512-9888 (follow prompt for Customer Support)
    Email: support@oncourselearning.com
    Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:30AM - 8PM EST, Friday, 8:30AM - 7PM EST

  • Are there any technical requirements to take a course/class?

    After you create an account online and register for a course, the following will serve you the best experience:

    • Internet Access
    • Internet Browser, such as Chrome, with Flash and Java Script capabilities

    Please note, in its Functional Specifications for All NMLS Approved Courses, the NMLS includes the following language regarding mobile devices: “NMLS approves online courses for consumption on desktop and laptop computers. NMLS has not established technical requirements for, and has not approved courses for use on, small hand-held electronic devices such as the iPad, iPhone, tablets, phablets, smart phones, etc.”