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The Basics of Credit Report Analysis ~ E3

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Credit reports are one of the most essential tools used by a lender in the loan manufacturing process, as they provide valuable insight into a borrower’s financial history. How a borrower utilizes credit and how they repay their financial obligations help to create a risk profile to assist the lender in making an informed decision when determining whether to extend credit. This course is designed to provide students a basic foundation around what a credit report is and how it is utilized by lenders.
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What You'll Learn

• Explain what a credit report is and its role in the origination process
• Understand how credit scores are derived
• Define key terms associated with credit reports and credit report review

How it Works

This is an online self-paced course that allows you to study the course material independently and at your convenience. Access to a computer with internet access is required. This course is supported on most computing devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and cell phones.


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