Managing Your Pipeline (to prioritize selling)

Funding loans at volume requires each member of the mortgage lending team to stay in their lane and focus on being the best at what they do. For loan officers, it’s selling deals.

Do your mortgage loan originators know how to manage loans in their pipeline without losing sight of what makes them effective?

Prioritize top sales opportunities

The modern loan officer’s role is incredibly multifaceted—but in a high-volume market, their team is depending on them to focus on what ultimately makes them a loan officer and not a processor or underwriter, which is sales.

Organizational achievements are the results of the combined effort from everyone involved. Effective mortgage teams rely on each person individually across the entire institution to do what they do best. As salespeople, an MLOs greatest contribution to theirs and their mortgage team’s success is to stay focused on selling—even when managing their pipelines!

3 Key Tips for Managing Your Pipeline: Time Blocks, Reporting, and Trust.

Time blocks:

The first step an MLO can take is to reserve pipeline management for the downtimes of their day. It’s important for MLOs to differentiate prime selling time vs pipeline management time and when each should occur. Prime selling time should prioritize selling activities. Pipeline management should occur in a dedicated time block when there is less sales activity happening in the day. Teammates can learn more about Block Scheduling methods in our Personal Productivity Professional Development course series.


Too many loan officers check their pipeline first-thing in the morning, and guess what they find? Problems! That does little more than blow their mindset before even making their first sales call. Instead, MLOs should work with their team to create an efficient report that can be read and acted upon quickly in the margins of their day, and at the beginning and close of every week.


At the end of the day, top mortgage loan origination producers trust their team to do what they do best. They swim in their own lane and empower their processors and underwriters to do the same. If MLOs submit ironclad applications, then they don’t need to contribute much else to a file in-process. They should be sure to leave the file in-process be, making themselves available to respond to issues when they arise.

Funding loans at volume requires each member of the mortgage lending team to know their responsibilities and stick to them. MLOs should focus on effectively managing their pipelines and being the best at what they do. For loan officers, it’s selling deals.

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