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Reverse Mortgages

Examine the steps of the reverse mortgage lending process, benefits and risks, the types of loans available and to whom they are best suited.

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Mortgage Loan Processing 101

Learn about the role of a loan processor, important elements of the loan application process, the basics of credit scoring and more..

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BSA and AML in Mortgage

Learn the common indicators of fraudulent and unlawful transactions and the steps you can take to detect and prevent fraud.

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Taking professional development courses for mortgage loan officers (MLO)

“I took this course to enhance my MLO license & underwriting certification and the overall mortgage loan process from beginning to end. The course helped me more clearly see the details of the processor's process and its complement to the MLO and underwriter.”

— Shonda H, Bought Mortgage Loan Processing 101

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Learn essential soft skills, how to navigate your MLO career and fundamental skills to advance your career.

As an MLO, you are bound to encounter bumps and challenges during your career. Realizing that these challenges exist is vital and finding industry experts to learn from is the key to advancing your career. We look at each challenge an MLO might come across as a moment to learn and grow. Our courses address these challenges with real-world scenarios and role-playing lessons in order to maximize absorption of the course material.

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State and federal laws can change daily. Learning new skills and concepts from experts with real-world experience allows you to fine-tune your skills and builds confidence.

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Professional education training is not required to become an MLO rockstar, but it is highly recommended across all industries to stay on top of changing laws and state requirements.

Mortgage HQ is our all-in-one platform for MLOs. Get access to industry news and trends, market rates, daily sales advice, tips for MLOs, a knowledge center of frequently asked questions and more. Best of all, you will get unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 professional development courses. Learn more about Mortgage HQ.

If you are not sure where to start or what to study, we recommend focusing on sales and social skills. By investing in these soft skills, you will be able to maximize your contributions to the success of either your business. Learn effective selling techniques, how to lead a team, improve your written and verbal skills, and discover tips in achieving your maximum potential.

Our eLearning Series Package includes four courses: Prescriptive Selling, Impactful Communication, Dynamic Leadership and Personal Productivity. Each course is designed to hone your skills, help you stand out from the crowd, boost your earnings and stay up to date on industry trends.

No! Professional development is recommended across all industries. Explore our library of courses and find something interesting to you grow in your career.