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How to Become a More Effective Mortgage Loan Officer

Five Behaviors of Effective Mortgage Loan Officers

Do you have the determination to do everything possible to ensure your success as a mortgage loan originator? Are you focused on goals and the direction that you want to drive your career towards? Are you customer-centric? Willing to create a brand for yourself in the market or at networking events? How about the desire to keep learning within the industry? Successful MLOs maintain habits for consistent growth and production in their day-to-day career activities. We’ve identified five behaviors that will help you be an effective mortgage loan officer.

Effective Mortgage Loan Officers must:

  1. Set Goals and Focus: Set long-term goals that can be broken down into attainable micro goals. Effective Mortgage Loan Originators are driven to accomplish their goals. They use their time efficiently to maintain productivity, stay focused and hit their targets.
  2. Have a Borrower-First Mentality: When helping families, always operate as a trustworthy mortgage professional with a high degree of business ethics and best practices. Focus on building great relationships with your clients every day – and create value for your borrowers in every transaction. It’s especially important to ensure your customers understand the borrowing process, so keep them in-the-know regarding steps and timelines. Being responsive and maintaining regular communication during the loan process is key. In a nutshell, always be customer-centric!
  3. Maintain a Marketing Presence: Ensure advertising and marketing is part of your overall business plan. Making a presence on marketing channels, such as social media, can aid with prospecting efforts, professional networking, and obtaining referrals. *As mentioned by National Mortgage News, top producers are approaching the purchase market by crafting distinct marketing strategies for four categories of homebuyers – move-up, first-time, move-down and refinance borrowers.
  4. Network Early and Often: Effective mortgage loan originators know how to network often and develop relationships with others in the industry, such as real estate professionals. Even after a borrower has been serviced with a loan, it is wise to stay in touch. You never know where your next referral could come from based on who you know!
  5. Always Be Learning: Exercise the discipline to set aside time for continuous learning and improvement. With an industry that is constantly changing, whether it be laws, emerging technologies, or economic conditions – you’ll want to stay in the know. Reading industry news sites such Mortgage News Daily and Mortgage Bankers Association are great starting points. It is also critical to remain compliant in your licensure by fulfilling your annual mortgage continuing education. And don’t forget about professional development! There are dozens of topics available to help you achieve Rockstar-status in your lending career.
Five Behaviors Of Effective Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs)
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